January 8

BBC World News covers DRI report on human rights abuses in the Republic of Georgia

Washington, DC–January 10, 2014– BBC World News today aired a report publicizing the findings of Disability Rights International‘s (DRI) investigation into human rights abuses against children and adults with disabilities in the Republic of Georgia.    “Georgia has become one of the first ex-Soviet republics to abolish state orphanages in favour of foster care. But disabled children […]

December 24

Following release of human rights report, DRI calls for Georgian government to take immediate action

David Sergienko Minister of Labor, Health and Social Affairs Government of the Republic of Georgia Dear Mr. Sergienko: On Monday, December 16, Disability Rights International (DRI), a Washington-DC based human rights organization, released a report, “Left Behind: The Exclusion of Children and Adults with Disabilities from Reform and Rights Protection in the Republic of Georgia.” […]

December 16

DRI releases report documenting atrocious human rights abuses in the Republic of Georgia’s orphanages and institutions for people with disabilities

For information contact: Eric Rosenthal, Executive Director, DRI Telephone: +1-202-361-9195 (erosenthal@driadvocacy.org) Eric Mathews: Advocacy Associate, DRI Telephone: +1-202-320-0232 (emathews@driadvocacy.org) Tbilisi, Georgia – December 16, 2013 – Disability Rights International, an international human rights organization based in Washington, DC, released a report today documenting atrocious human rights violations in the Republic of Georgia’s orphanages and institutions […]

October 22

DRI helps Mexican activists fight human rights abuses

October 22nd, 2013 — Washington, DC — The New York Times today published an article profiling the Colectivo Chuhcan, Mexico’s first human rights advocacy organization led by persons with psychiatric disabilities. Disability Rights International (DRI) established the Colectivo in 2011 and helped the group spin off as an independent human rights organization. Today’s New York […]

August 10

Support Families, Not Orphanages.

August 10th, 2013 — Washington, DC — The Washington Post on Saturday published an Op-Ed written by Disability Rights International’s (DRI) President Laurie Ahern calling for a paradigm shift in how the world acts to protect vulnerable children. Read the Op-Ed here. Aid agencies, churches and governments spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build […]

July 25

Disability Rights International opens Kiev, Ukraine advocacy office

July 24, 2013–Kyiv, Ukraine– Disability Rights International (DRI) is proud to announce the creation of its newest advocacy office in Kyiv, Ukraine. DRI also has regional offices in the Balkans, based in Serbia, and the Americas, based in Mexico City.   DRI-Ukraine is affiliated with DRI but is locally-controlled by Ukrainian advocacy leaders. DRI’s presence […]