Aaron Flores is the focal point on disability and human rights of the Ibero-American Center for the Development of International Law and Human Rights (CIFODIDH), and he also serves as specialized associate of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Law (DEI) at the Mexican boutique Lawfirm B-Wise Responsible Business Conduct, which is specialized on ESG, Business and Human Rights law.

Aaron Flores

Aaron has a law degree from UNAM Law School and a human rights specialist from the same university’s graduate studies division. Aarón has diplomas on the right to equality and non-discrimination, administrative law, human rights and gender, and the legal capacity of people with disabilities.

Throughout his career, Flores has held key positions in several prominent organizations. Aaron coordinated the unit of the Mexico Supreme Court of Justice for the labor inclusion of people with disabilities until January 2022. He was the coordinator of the Inclusion, Gender Equality, and Human Rights Program at the Executive Secretariat of the National Anti-Corruption System. Before this, Aaron worked at the Institute for People with Disabilities in Mexico City. His contributions extend to the Mexico City Human Rights Program, the General Directorate of Disability Attention of the National Human Rights Commission, and the National Council for the Development and Inclusion of People with Disabilities, where he collaborated on various initiatives.

Aaron Flores exceptional contributions have been recognized through various accolades. He received the prestigious “2006 State Youth Award” of the State of Mexico in the social work category, a testament to his commitment to social causes. In addition, he was the winner of the second Disability Research in Mexico 2016 contest, organized by the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City and UNAM, further affirming his expertise in the field.

Aaron has had a disability since birth and he is a regular practitioner of adapted sports.