Get Involved

We have received an outpouring of worldwide support from people like you, who want to help the children featured in our reports and throughout the media covering our work. We hope you will join us in demanding an end to the abuse and segregation of children with disabilities around the world.  It is our goal to ensure that no child has to experience being tied down, restrained, caged, or subject to any of the deplorable abuses we’ve witnessed in our investigations. All children should be able to live a meaningful life in a loving home and community free from torture.

Here are a few ways you can personally help protect the human rights of children and adults with disabilities around the world:

Make a donation to Disability Rights International to make sure we have the resources to keep holding governments around the world accountable for human rights violations. Disability Rights International is a small organization fighting a worldwide problem, and your support is urgently needed. Please donate today!

Spread the word online or in person – We need as broad a network of supporters as possible. Follow us on Facebook or on Twitter. If you would like to arrange a public event or fundraiser for us, please contact Caitlin Kowalski at [email protected]


Disability Rights International recommends supporting the work of activists and family members working to keep children out of institutions, in the community, and in families or substitute family environments where they can be loved, nurtured, and protected.  Every child has the right to grow up with a family (or a substitute family for children who do not have an extended family to take care of them). It is always possible to clean up an institution – but clean walls and toys are no substitute for the love that only a family can provide. While children may be desperately in need of food or medical care, there is no way to guarantee that such care will actually get to the child. This is why we encourage you to support Disability Rights International’s advocacy work – or the work of one of the many excellent non-governmental organizations working on the ground to bring about reform – rather than giving direct help to institutions themselves.


It is extremely difficult for Americans to adopt from abroad. The Romanian government, for instance, has ended foreign adoptions.  The Turkish government requires one year of residence in Turkey after adoption. For US citizens, information on adoption can be found at the US Department of State Website.

Note: Disability Rights International is an organization dedicated to the enforcement of international human rights in all countries. We take no position on policies related to international adoption.