International Women's Day - remembering tragedy at Guatemala orphanage

One year ago today, 41 girls were killed in a fire in an orphanage in Guatemala. The girls, aged 14 to 17, had used the occasion of International Women's Day to protest the sexual abuse they suffered in the institution - and were locked in their dormitory as punishment. When the fire broke out, no one came to unlock the door.
Over the last year, we have filed a case with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to protect the survivors of the fire and pressured the Guatemalan government to enforce the right of every child to grow up with a family. All over the world, children are locked up and restrained in orphanages and institutions where the same patterns of abuse and neglect play out day after day. DRI's Worldwide Campaign to End the Institutionalization of Children is fighting to stop abuses against children in orphanages and institutions. Read DRI Executive Director Eric Rosenthal's op-ed in the Washington Post here.
Please join us today as we remember the victims of this tragedy. Their names are listed below:
  1. Rosa Julia Espino Tobar
  2. Indira Jarisa Pelicó Orellana
  3. Daria Dalila López Meda
  4. Achly Gabriela Mendez Ramírez
  5. Yemmi Araceli Ramírez Siquín
  6. Jaquelyn Paola Catinac Pérez
  7. Milenie Eloísa Rac Hernández
  8. Siona Hernández García
  9. Josselyn Marisela Garcia Flores
  10. Hashly Angely Rodriguez Hernandez
  11. Daily Analí Domingo Martínez
  12. Mayra Haydeé Chután Urias
  13. Yusbelí Yubitza Merary Maquin Gómez
  14. Skarleth Yajayra Pérez Jiménez
  15. Yohana Desire Cuy Urizar
  16. Sarvia Isel Barrientos Reyes
  17. Ana Noemy Morales Galindo
  18. Rosalinda Victoria Ramírez Pérez
  19. Madelyn Patricia Hernández
  20. Jilma Sucely Carias López
  21. Ana Rubidia Chocoj Chuta
  22. Mari Carmen Ramírez Melgar
  23. Grindi Yasmin Carías López
  24. Yoselin Beatríz Ventura Pérez
  25. Keila Rebeca López Salguero
  26. Candelaria Meléndrez Hernández
  27. Estefany Sucely Veliz Pablo
  28. Ana Roselia Pérez Junay
  29. Melani Yanira de León Palencia
  30. Celia María Samary López Aranda
  31. Yoselin Yamilet Barahona Beltran
  32. Kimberly Mishel Palencia Ortíz
  33. Nanci Paola Vela García
  34. Lilian Andrea Gómez Arceno
  35. Mirsa Rosmeri Lopez Tojil
  36. Grisna Yamilet Cú Uluan
  37. Luisa Fernanda Joj Gonzalez
  38. Iris Yodenis León Pérez
  39. Silvia Milexi Rivera Sanchez
  40. Sara Noemy Lima Ascón
  41. Wendy Anahi Vividor Ramirez
DRI continues to fight for justice for the victims and survivors of the Hogar Seguro orphanage fire.