Support Disability Rights International today

Dear DRI supporter, It is hard to believe, but it has been 25 years since Disability Rights International (DRI) was founded! In the beginning, we were trying to convince the world that disability rights were human rights, that all people – regardless of a disability – are protected by the same human rights. And due in part to our work over many years – via investigations, exposés, reports, trainings, media coverage and advocacy – the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD) was born. To date, 177 countries in the world have signed and ratified this Convention. The guiding principles of the CRPD include “non-discrimination, freedom and inclusion in society.” DRI is working to enforce the rights and uphold the tenets of the Convention by exposing abuses and keeping governments across the globe accountable – and we very much need your continued help and support. Our investigations in Africa and Latin America have uncovered the most heinous of crimes – infanticide – children born with disabilities being murdered at birth as they are considered a curse and a punishment to the family and community. And these crimes are committed with relative impunity – despite the fact that the governments have signed and ratified the Convention. But we also found brave and inspiring families, who have kept their children born with disabilities, despite often being shunned and with little or no support. This is why our work is so critical. DRI exposes the abuses, we keep pressure on governments on a global stage with our media and legal advocacy, we train and educate citizens in their own countries and assist them in becoming empowered activists. We have helped to change cultures and laws of discrimination into cultures of inclusion and we have been fearless in speaking truth to power. But the job is not finished yet and there are many more who request our aid – that is why we need yours. Twenty-five years ago it was hard to imagine that most of the world’s countries would sign on to a promise to protect the human rights of children and adults with disabilities. And now we need you more than ever to help us make that promise come true. With much affection and many thanks. Wishing you a peaceful New Year.