Watch now - Disability Rights International featured on The Visionaries on PBS

Disability Rights International will be profiled on The Visionaries, the award-winning public television series that airs on PBS stations around the United States, hosted by acclaimed actor Sam Waterston, formerly of Law & Order. Now in its twentieth season, The Visionaries documentary series highlights the stories of individuals and nonprofit organizations that are working to create positive social change throughout the world. The documentary, titled “No One Left Behind,” showcases DRI’s work to end life-threatening abuses in institutions and support local activists to ensure that all children with disabilities grow up in families in the community. DRI’s International Ambassador Holly Valance, along with her husband Nick Candy, served as executive producers of the documentary. Holly Valance has served as DRI’s International Ambassador for nearly a decade. Disability Rights International - The Visionaries preview (run time 3:56) Disability Rights International - The Visionaries - Part 1 ( run time 27:57) Disability Rights International - The Visionaries - Part 2 (run time 27:20) Click here for more information on The Visionaries.