Kera Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria

Aneta is leading a team of independent lawyers working in the fields of: the right to life, inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment, protection from detention, guardianship, and incapacity of people with mental disabilities. Part of its responsibilities include identification and implementation of human rights litigation – civil and political, but also economic, social and cultural.

Aneta Genova Mircheva

For decades, Aneta has been working for protecting the rights of victims of violence, people with mental disabilities, children at risk, and victims of gender based violence. She leads Kera Foundation which dedicated to work to advance the right and possibility of all people, regardless of their differences, to live together, free, independent, in their right to fight for personal happiness and to achieve the realization of its human potential.

Aneta and Kera Foundation work in close cooperation with Validity Foundationa and since 2019 in close cooperation with DRI.