Snezana Lazarevic

Associate, MDRI-S, Belgrade, Serbia

Snezana is in charge of maintaining financial documentation of the organization’s activities. She is also actively involved in programme activities.

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Snezana Lazarevic

Snezana was a member of various working groups of the Ministry of Education formed to write laws and by-laws on education and inclusive education. She took part in several research projects conducted by MDRI-S, regarding education of children with disabilities that live in social welfare institutions, the making of individual educational plans in schools in Serbia, court practices in proceedings for deprivation of legal capacity and actions of centers of social work in procedures regarding deprivation of legal capacity, and the employment of people with mental disability.

She informs parents of children with developmental disabilities and people with disabilities about their rights, above all when it comes to education and employment of persons with disabilities, and how they can exercise them. She was the presenter on various trainings for parents with children with developmental disabilities and people with disabilities, as well as on trainings for representatives of civil society organizations on which the main topics were inclusive education, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and international standards of human rights. She participated and represented MDRI-S in several conferences, round tables, and other public events.

Snezana is an author and co-author of numerous publications on disability rights in Serbia, which are available on MDRI-S website.

Snezana is part of the monitoring team of residential institutions in Serbia.